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Core Mechanics of Lighthouse at the Threshold

Fiction First Lighthouse on the Threshold is a game about two things. First, creating an immersive world for players to explore and interact with, and second, challenging players to use their own wit and skill to overcome challenges presented to the from the world. Both of these objectives can be accomplished without players understanding anything about how the mechanics of this game actually work. This is why, when you play or run this game, you should first make sure players understand the fiction that surrounds their characters, and the puzzles that they face. The mechanics of the game are used for only one small portion of the actual game-play, and if they ever get in the way of the fiction, they should be ignored. Core Game Loop The core game loop of Lighthouse on the Threshold is this: 1. The GM describes the scene. 2. Players ask questions and make decisions 3. The GM determines what happens. 4. Repeat. This, in its simplest form, is what you and your friends will be

Ability Scores in Lighthouse at the Threshold

Lighthouse at the Threshold is a game about normal folks who travel to a dangerous and fantastical world to have adventures. To read more about the project, see this post . Striking the balance between heroism and reality is important to me. I want the players to be able to do awesome stuff, but they need to be vulnerable. Lighthouse at the Threshold uses a simplified set of ability scores almost identical to those found in Chris McDowells’s Into the Odd, but they are utilized in a slightly different way. Loner by AnDary Ability Scores are a Resource All of your ability scores are expendable pools of resources. During character creation you roll 3d6 to determine you maximum in that score, but you also have a place to record your current score. You can spend your ability score points for various in game benefits. Body Body represents your physical strength and endurance. Spend body points to:  Avoid death Survive disease  Perform feats of strength or endurance Gain

The Lighthouse at the Threshold

I have been working on a new project. In anticipation for a break point in our current long-running D&D 5e campaign, I’ve been thinking about what game to play next. I’ve also been considering writing something for possible eventual publication. I’ve landed on this. The Pitch The sleepy vacation town of Marqwood Michigan hides a secret in the old lighthouse. The lighthouse is a portal to the dangerous and fantastic world of Threshold, and you have managed to stumble into this world of adventure. In The Lighthouse at the Threshold you play townsfolk, vacationers, or fantasy creatures who inhabit the dual settings of Threshold, and Marqwood. Travel back and forth between the worlds to explore this mysterious world and its connection with ours. The Lighthouse at the Threshold is a table top role playing game, campaign setting, and adventure module all in one. Players play regular humans in the town of Marqwood who have stumbled upon the fantasy realm of Threshold. There, they