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Strange Encounters: The Ghost Cave

I'll be posting snippets of my DM notes from various campaigns past and present that I think will be useful for anyone to copy and paste into their campaign for their players to explore.

The Ghost Cave

Water seeps down through countless layers of minerals, gathering up a nutrient rich slurry and depositing itself into the ghost cave. There it feeds strange subterranean grasses, and attracts some of the strangest and most deadly creatures of the underdark.

The Ghost Cave is 4 miles long, between 8 and 80 feet wide at parts. It has dozens of entrances and exits.

πŸ‘ Green Liquid rivulets drip down the cave wall.
πŸ‘ A stream, running with glowing algea.
πŸ‘ƒπŸ» Round-up, Miracle Grow, Manure.
πŸ‘‚πŸ»White noise of babbling brook and its echoes
πŸ‘ *A field of glowing, translucent grass in greens and purples. *
πŸ–πŸ» It shrinks to your touch, darkening a trail in the cave.
πŸ• Regrows after 20 minutes.
🎲 After 1d4-1 miles of travel - dark trails in the glowing grass.
     ➡️ Roll on the encounter table - The creature will leave a dark trail through the growing grass.

Notable Exits
1/2 way through the cave - A tunnel with a bright light, and a light breeze -  The Hag’s Lair 
Almost to the end - The stream runs out of a cave into a waterfall -  The Falls 

1d4 - Creature Encounter Table
1- Banderhob 
2 - Flail Snail 
3 - Catoblepas 
4 - Vargouile


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