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GLOG Fighter variant

I have been working on a home-brew D&D ruleset that is a hack of the systems and subsystems of 10 other retro clones.  The main thing I am stealing for characters is the GLOG's awesome character classes and multi classing rules. Right now I’m working toward having enough of a manuscript to get my players through character creation and understand the basics of the rules. Even though there are some major differences between my hack and the Arnold K. / Goblin Punch and the Skerples / Coins and Scrolls hack of the whole GLOG system, I figured this variant on the fighter class might be worthwhile to throw up here for public consumption. Fighters Gain XP: Defeat an enemy 2 HD above your level. Skills: Move (Proficient) Weapons & Armor: Fighters can use any weapon or armor. Starting Equipment: Chain Mail, Any 1 weapon from the weapon list. 1d6 trail rations, a token of your first vanquished opponent. # Of levels Additional HP Attack Bonus Abi