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Secret Santicorn 2019 - Herber's Expedition

I made an adventure for my OSR Secret Santa...

Get it here...

Background and Overview

The Expedition
The expedition of Captain Herber left Puerto Aragues on the first day of November. They were never seen or heard from again. The expedition’s goal was to assault the small mountain town of Jacare and take control of the lucrative coffee plantation that the locals had created. The company of 40 men, calling themselves Herber’s Harbingers loaded up horse drawn wagons with supplies, including an irresponsible amount of guns, powder, and small canons.
The expedition also brought along Father Santiago, a Catholic priest, in charge of converting the survivors of the assault to Christianity. With manifest destiny and the promise of plunder, Herber’s Harbingers set off through the jungle to reach Jacare.
Unaware of the Halflings path through the jungle Canopy, the expedition looked for a route to Jacare along the forest floor. The danger of traveling in the darkness was immediately apparent…
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Core Mechanics of Lighthouse at the Threshold

Fiction First Lighthouse on the Threshold is a game about two things. First, creating an immersive world for players to explore and interact with, and second, challenging players to use their own wit and skill to overcome challenges presented to the from the world. Both of these objectives can be accomplished without players understanding anything about how the mechanics of this game actually work. This is why, when you play or run this game, you should first make sure players understand the fiction that surrounds their characters, and the puzzles that they face. The mechanics of the game are used for only one small portion of the actual game-play, and if they ever get in the way of the fiction, they should be ignored.

Core Game Loop The core game loop of Lighthouse on the Threshold is this:
1. The GM describes the scene.
2. Players ask questions and make decisions
3. The GM determines what happens.
4. Repeat.

This, in its simplest form, is what you and your friends will be doing at …